We like sharing the value our customers have received from their Analysis Plus Home Audio products. With many thousands of satisfied users all over the world, we thought we would share some of their stories here. If you’d like to submit your own story, please go to Personal Reviews >>

“I started using AP cables several years ago when I bought a pair of Oval One Interconnects to connect a turntable to my Rotel integrated amp. I was so impressed with their quality (both sound and build) that I replaced all of my interconnects with Oval Ones and added Black Oval 12 speaker cables. When I recently decided to significantly upgrade my integrated amplifier to a McIntosh MA8900, I opted to upgrade the power cable and jumpers to Power Oval 2 MK II and Micro Silver RCA Dac-Amp, respectively. Both resulted in improved sound quality, with the jumpers having the greatest effect.

In addition to these analog cables, I also use the HDMI, Black Digital, and Purple USB cables. Each outperform other cables I’ve tried, some of which were 2-3 times the price.”

~ Nick B.  (May 10, 2022)

“I have the Mesh Oval 9 speaker cables and many pair of the Oval One interconnects. The speaker cables are very clear, and the timing is more coherent than what I am used to (I use Magnepan speakers). The interconnects seem a bit quieter, as well. I am very happy with my purchases.

For anyone who says there are no difference in cables, I have an easy test, and the one that showed me what can improve/replace a cheaper phono cable from a decent turntable with a good quality new one. At the milliamp voltage line levels that the phono cable carries before the phono preamp, you should be able to hear an upgrade to your sound… Just don’t call it night and day difference though. Too many people exaggerate the differences that can be made with subtle changes in your system.”

~ R. Tarlos  (Jan 20, 2022)

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