Below are two sound clips, both of the same piano note. One is the original note, the other has had much of the high frequency content removed. Comparisons of the two signals are shown in the plots below.

Hear original piano notes

Now hear piano notes with high frequencies removed

If we alter the frequency spectrum in a non-uniform way, we alter the harmonic content and hence the essential time waveform. We’ve changed the character of the music we hear.

Although exaggerated for web purposes, these sound clips show what happens when sound data is lost. This loss of high frequency information is one of the main reasons cables sound different. Analysis Plus cables were specifically designed to minimize the loss of high frequency information, and that’s why they sound better.

That’s why Analysis Plus Hollow Oval cables sound better! Through the use of computer modeling, we’ve designed a cable through which the current distribution changes very little over the audio band. This means that the electrical properties of the cable, its resistance and inductance, don’t change with frequency. The result is a cable that transfers the electrical energy from your amplifier to your speaker, without altering the time domain waveform of your music. You hear everything the musicians intended.